Why ‘Personalised Greeting Cards’ and Why Your Store Might Need Them

If you run an online store, you are perhaps already aware of the myriad of different plugins and software available to create a more effective retail outfit like a Personalized Greeting Card. There are lots of tweaks you can make to give customers more options or generate sales in a more seamless manner.

If you offer a product you are proud of, it makes sense to give your customers all the little extra options that they want – even the ones they may not yet be aware of. It’s not glamorous to talk about, because it can feel a little too ‘used car salesman’. But if you run an online store, then you want to make more sales. You have bills to pay. Surely, it makes sense to tweak your sales platform to the optimum.

This is where personalized greeting cards come in. You may have heard that phrase before, but what exactly does it mean? It’s simply allowing customers to purchase and fully personalize a greeting card at the point of sale, as much or as little as they want. Some might design the whole card from scratch, using it as a sort of blank canvas, letting their inner Picasso run wild . Others might do the bare minimum, like adding their signature digitally.

Adding pictures of pets, holidays, cherished memories and events is common. Sports teams and movie characters are very popular with kids. Each card becomes a unique, special token of appreciation because it’s tailored to the individual recipient. Generic greeting cards get tossed aside because they are well, too generic. Personalized greeting cards have the opposite effect. In a world where product personalization is growing in many industries, greeting cards are a personalized print on demand product which are inexpensive and simple to create. A few clicks and you’ve created a one off masterpiece! Or at the very least something fun and memorable.

If your customers are purchasing products as a gift, then they will inevitably be purchasing a card of some sort. It’s the card that makes the gift. If they can buy a fully personalised greeting card from the same website, it removes a huge amount of hassle for them. They won’t need to get it from a bricks and mortar store or order it somewhere else online. Easy and fast, two things people like when making online purchases.

So, with all this in mind, it’s good to think about how offering this option might benefit your online store.

This is why we’ve created a plugin that does just that. Our Personalized greeting card plugin comes with over 7000 designs that can be setup within an hour, so it’s hassle free from your end too. Each card is printed on demand, one at a time as the order is received from all over the globe. We also have a solution for retailers that wish to print the cards at their own facilities.