Cardzware’s pricing is clear and transparent. We charge $2 for each card you sell through your website; the only cost that varies is the postage rate depending on where in the world the card is being delivered to.

Below you will find a full breakdown of postage costs along with a recommended retail price (RRP) for the cards in your country. Please keep in mind that the RRP is only a recommended retail price and you are free to set your own product cost.

We recommend that you charge postage separately or incorporate it into the product cost to your customers.

All costs are in USD, however when installing the Cardzware App, we will present you with a live conversion rate so you can set the RRP in your own currency.

Zone Cardzware Cost RRP in USD Your Profit Postage Cost* Lead Time
United Kingdom $2.00 $4.45 $2.45 $1.45 1-3 Days
United States $2.00 $4.49 $2.49 $0.60 1-3 Days
Canada $2.00 $3.95 $1.95 $1.40 5-7 Days
Australia $2.00 $4.70 $2.70 $1.35 3-5 Days
EU $2.00 $4.60 $2.60 $1.60 3-7 Days
Rest of World $2.00 $4.49 $2.49 $1.40 5-7 Days
Card sales per month:

Cardzware is legally obligated to charge sales tax or VAT depending on where the card is printed and shipped to. The above costs don’t include local state and country taxes, which Cardzware calculates automatically before charging our retailers.
*postage cost of a single card.