5 Popular Ways to Personalize Greeting Cards

Personalised greeting cards are as numerous as fingerprints, very similar looking but with little differences when you look closely. Each person has their own individual take on what makes a personalize greeting cards fun and memorable for the recipient. That said, there are 5 Popular Ways for personalize greeting cards designs which prove to be popular year on year. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, here are a few standout designs.

  1. Sports Teams. Maybe your playing days were cut short by a recurring hamstring injury or perhaps by a slight donut addiction, but who doesn’t love to see their face with the football/ basketball/ quidditch team they’ve been supporting since childhood? Very popular with kids and slightly more grown up adult kids who take 5-a-side matches a little too seriously !
  2. Superheroes/Movies. How many times have you watched a James Bond movie and thought to yourself “that looks easy, all I need is a pen that shoots bullets and a watch that has a WiFii connection”. Now you can be the star in your own movie or at the least feel like one for the day.
  3. Pets. They’re furry, leave hairs everywhere and have quite a strong odour, but enough about your significant other. Personalising a greeting card with a favourite pet is a sure way to stir up a lot of emotion and get in someone’s good books.
  4. Magazine Covers. Proving yet again that we all have a little streak of vanity in us. Now you can see what you’d look like on the cover of GQ magazine or maybe it’s the Farmers’ Journal which is more your cup of tea. There are options for about every magazine you can conceive off and you can also create your own.
  5. Cherished Memories. From trips away, childhood memories to babies’ first steps. A much more genuine and heartfelt way of celebrating an occasion. Personal photos are one of the most common ways of personalising greeting cards. Nothing brings people together like sharing fond memories.

These are just some of the many ways you can personalise greeting cards. Of course, there are plenty of other options too. People love to send and receive personalised items – what was once a costly extra, is now becoming the inexpensive norm.

Maybe you have noticed this shift happening online too? We certainly have. That’s why we have created an ecommerce plugin specifically for personalising greeting cards. The plugin can be set up in about an hour and offer over 7000 designs for people to make unique in any way they like. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create a card for a loved one, even the most tech adverse person can master the plugin with a few easy clicks.

Each card is printed on demand individually as the order is received. So it really takes the hassle out of purchasing a card for the customer, but also for the store owner who installs the plugin. We also have a solution for retailers that wish to print the cards at their own facilities.

If this sounds like a plugin that you might find helpful for your store, check out our demo store here and get in touch for further details