3 Reasons Customers Purchase Personalised Greeting Cards

If you have dipped your toe into the world of print-on-demand or personalized greeting cards in recent years, you’ll no doubt have been blown away by the sheer amount of options for making unique items. You can have your partner’s name printed on a Toblerone, or put your mother’s face on a frisbee and see if she’ll fly!

With so many fancy options to create customizable products, we can easily forget the products that are a little more everyday and common. The afterthought products. These are the items that people purchase last or in a hurry. Items like Personalized greeting cards.

They can be so ubiquitous and boring that they get less attention. But, they still get purchased in massive amounts – on every occasion. So customizing them seems like the next logical step.

Three reasons why it’s a good idea to offer personalized greeting cards:

  1. Customers Will Purchase a Card Either Way. What is a gift without a greeting card? The overwhelming majority of gifts/items purchased are given with a greeting card. So, if you have customers who are making purchases to be received as gifts, why not offer them the card they will inevitably buy? By offering a greeting card that can be personalized you are placing your business head and shoulders above generic retailers which offer cards that won’t be read or remembered. This brings me to reason two.
  2. Personalized Cards are More Fun and memorable. To receive a card is a thoughtful token from someone. What we remember is what’s inside the card, the message that makes it personable. There’s nothing more personable than being able to add pictures and special designs that are tailored to one, single, individual human. Cards like these give the receiver something to remember, a fun item that can be displayed for others to see and talk about. Overall, a lot more satisfying than the run-of-the-mill cards which we’ve all received many times on many occasions.
  3. They’re Inexpensive. A personalised greeting cards won’t break the bank. It’s interesting to note that research shows people are happy to pay more for items that they can personalize. Greeting cards are not considered an extravagance by any measure. Giving customers the option to buy them seems like a no-brainer.

It’s easy to see how product personalization is becoming more and more popular. It is a response to the needs of customers who want something a little different. A little more modern. In response to this, we’ve developed a Shopify plugin specifically for personalized greeting cards. Our plugin comes with over 7000 designs that can be set up within an hour.

Each card is printed on demand individually as the order is received. There is no need for batch orders of cards that may or may not be sold. All your printing and shipping needs are taken care of via our global printing capabilities. We take on this responsibility so your time is freed up to focus on what you do best.

If this whole world is new to you, why not take a look at our site and check out some of the options available?